Building a website is HARD!

You would not believe how long this has taken to get started! When other articles tell you, “oh it’s EASY, you’ll be up and running in 30minutes,” they’re lying to you. Let me tell you what really goes into getting a good project up and off the ground.

Project Management for WebSites


If building a website were so easy, companies like ours would not exist. There is a lot that goes into getting a site off the ground. You have things like:

  • Deciding which technology stack to use
  • Where the site will be hosted
  • Determining your needs then:
    • What is most cost effective
    • Is there room for growth
    • What is your opportunity cost

There are many factors just in deciding what to use and where. This is where working with a team who has deployed hundreds of applications across various services will save you headache, and allow your company to get the job done under budget and on time. We know which services are going to take longer to configure, but would be worth it to have in the end. The last thing you want is to get 6 months into using your website and realize you can’t add a feature or capability because you tried to skimp on planning.

Development & Customization

You have the ultimate vision for how your app, website, game, or dashboard should look. No agency is going to tell you any better about what you like than you can yourself. Harness this power during customization and development, but be open to critics and new ideas — we are the professionals you hired to do a job after all, right? We want our clients to feel welcome and encouraged to share their feedback!

“You don’t like something? Great! thanks for telling me, can you answer these questions, they’d really help”

✅ Try marking these tips off when reviewing submitted work for feedback or approval

  • What did you like
    • Shape
    • Color
    • Gradient
    • Size
    • Location
    • Etc
  • What didn’t you like, again…
    • Shape
    • Color
    • Gradient
    • Size
    • Location
    • etc.
  • Do you have any visual aids to demonstrate changes?
  • Do not accept the first round, there should always be adjustments

Keeping those things in mind when reviewing work will make everyone’s job a little easier, and keep your project budget down.


What’s that, you don’t understand why testing is here? This is because QA and UX is one of the most important steps in the release process! This is the time to hammer out all of those typos, missed stylings, or that popup which works 100% of the time you try it but 0% for everyone else. Always being planning for and accounting for time to adequately test before roll out.

Rollout to Production

But Jimmy, isn’t the site always in production? Nope, not always, and should be avoided if at all possible. The age of docker images and cloud deployments means our systems should never have to be down for maintenance or changes. This means, your new project should be worked on in a save and private environment. Then, once the project is past planning, development, and testing, we’re finally ready to push to production!

Have we lost you yet? That’s okay, remember how this started? Building a website is HARD! It doesn’t have to be that way, though, just let the professionals at V-Network Solutions help you out.